Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to Overcome Stage Fright When Singing - Become a Confident Singer

First of all, stage fright is normal. If you've experienced any type of stage fright whether you've been on stage or not or just you fear ever going on stage or you really fear once you're on stage or whatever, it's really normal. It's common. I've been performing in front of people for the better part of my life even since I was a kid. I still do all the time, and I still feel a little bit of nerves as I'm going on stage. That's normal but stage fright can be also paralyzing. There are different stages of stage fright and anxiety. Knowing it's normal I think is really important. That takes away some of the anxiety just knowing that you're not the only one that struggles with that. I mean most everybody does to some degree or another. It could be kind of a good thing in this respect.

Bear with me here, is that if you are nervous to go on stage then it means that you actually care about what you're doing and that's a good thing. If you have no butterflies and no nerves about doing it at all, then maybe you just don't care and maybe you should be doing something else. But there are things that you can do certainly to eliminate the stage fright and I want to give you a few of those things.

First I want to – and I think the most important is actually preparedness. Being prepared leads to peace and peace basically gets rid of your anxiety and your stage fright. Being prepared means – depending on what you're doing, it means knowing all the lyrics to your songs, making sure you can hit all the notes you've practiced enough so you can do that. Know what outfit you're going to wear. Know how to get to the venue, those kinds of things. Whatever you can do to be prepared, this is the quickest way to leave the peace. If you're confident in what you're going to perform, then you're going to be more peaceful and less stressed out and have less anxiety about going onstage.

Another one is to actually visit the venue. If you visit the venue, you kind of get an idea of what the stage looks like, where you will be walking on, what to expect when you're there. That actually helps a lot of people out. Now the thing is exercise just for anxiety in general, the day of and the week coming up too. When you exercise, this actually decreases the anxiety in your life and also helps you – it also releases endorphins which make you happier which is a good thing as well. You can learn how to overcome stage fright when singing in Superior Singing Method.

So exercise helps. There's the sleep as well. Sleep, it may just seem simple but anxiety can lead to sleeplessness and sleeplessness can create more anxiety. And also when you don't sleep, when you're lacking sleep coming up to kind of a big event, the first thing to go with sleep loss is cognition, thinking. So you want to be on top of your game for sure when you perform so make sure you get enough sleep. That's another big one.

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The last one is when you're on stage, the big one is just to smile. When you get on stage, smile. When you smile, what happens is you don't only relax yourself but you relax your audience as well. And if they feel at peace and you feel like they're having a good time, it's going to relax you even more and that's kind of like the fake it until you make it kind of thing. At first you smile and you act as if you're not nervous and with just a little bit of time, you start becoming not nervous. So that's the way to kill it is to continue to perform and the more you perform, the less anxious you become. There might always be a little bit and that's OK. It just means you enjoy what you're doing and it matters to you. So I hope that's helpful. You will get a bunch of other tips and tricks and articles. I just put one up actually, how to sing high notes, and it's how to sing high notes specifically without the strain. I've got some really good tips for you. You can read them in How To Improve Singing Voice or How To Get A Good Singing Voice.


  1. This is really a very common problem with people that they fear to face stage not only stage they also feel shyness, anxiety and hesitation during various situations. I like your tips to overcome such problems and build confidence because lots of people don't even know that how to be confident.Thanks for the post.

  2. My throat is killing me and I have to sing today! :(